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Stand para sandwichitos
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cookout! Love this idea of the fruit skewers and veggie cups with ranch dip on bottom **for fruit, how about pomegranate or rose petal #Saladshots, for veggie, try "feel good" ranch, honey mustard or citrus ginger for HIGH flavor without alot of additional sugar, fat & calories! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Website:
freshamerican style--- cinema in backyard or garden!
más y más manualidades: Crea hermosas invitaciones para tu fiesta infantil
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PIPE BALL GAME: 4" diameter pvc pipe, cut with 30° angle on one end & straight cut on other ends. Lengths of pipes(from flat bottom to very tip of the 30°angle): 4 @ 14", 3 @ 11.5", 2 @ 9", 1 @ 7". Paint pipes. Set the cut pipes in a triangle bowling pin shape(tallest in back 4, 3, 2, 1). Mark spots on adjoining pipes, drill ¼" holes, use zip ties thread into holes & attach, cut off excess tie, repeat until all are secured. Attach numbers to represent point values. 3 tennis balls for each…