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Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

High by the Beach: Seashore Library by Vector Architects

On the shore of an idyllic white sandy beach in Beidaihe New District, a coastal region in eastern China, rests a monolithic yet classical structure that contains sublime spaces of aesthetic illumination. The Seashore Library, designed by the Beijing-based studio Vector Architects in 2015, portrays the endless interaction between the manmade and the natural where light, wind and the sound of the ocean enter uninterrupted into the building’s spaces to accentuate its austere lines.

Astronaut and Cosmonaut reaching towards each other in space 1975 by John Berkey

acid fantastique. galactic fun

Austin, Texas- Hamilton pools near Lake Travis https://www.stopsleepgo.com/vacation-rentals/austin/travis/texas/united-states

35 Texas Secrets To Having The Best Summer Ever

35 Texas Secrets To Having The Best Summer Ever... Awesome shot of Jacob's Well!

Japan... And I thought that some of the streets in SF were scary !!

Photo by Vittorio Ronconi, Italy, 1960