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a man is kayaking down a waterfall in the water near some rocks and trees
Fraser Valley Whitewater #kayaking 30-foot drop
two people in canoes paddling on the water near a rocky cliff face with trees and bushes
Kayac en el Duero/Douro Internacional. Arribes del Duero (Zamora)
Tiro con arco. www.naturaliste.es Southern Prep
Tiro con arco. www.naturaliste.es
two people riding in an off - road buggy on muddy ground with trees in the background
kart cross. www.naturaliste.es
two people in an orange raft on the water next to some rocks and cliffs with white foam
Rafting. www.naturaliste.es
many people are standing on the dock with their boats
Barca motora para aficcionados a la pesca.
two men riding bikes on a trail in the woods
Rutas BTT. www.naturaliste.es
two people standing in front of a large bubble ball
zorbing. www.naturaliste.es
two people on rafts paddling down a river under an overpass with a bridge in the background
Inicio - Naturaliste
Rutas en canoa por espacios naturales transfronterizos. www.naturaliste.es