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English Grammar Adjectives (describing people)

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Did we tell you about the difference between "say" and "tell"? If not, then here it is! Although "say" and "tell" have similar meanings, the way to use them is different. Check out our graphic to learn about some (not all!) of these different uses. #AmericanEnglish

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In English, the words "see," "look," and "watch" have similar meanings. Thus, it can be difficult to know which one to use sometimes. Check out this American English at State graphic to help you understand the different meanings of these three words! #AmericanEnglish

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Just - Yet - Still - Already - Again. English Grammar. - learn English,grammar,english

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(5) Fotos de la biografía - The 3 Kings English Academy

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5 Page People Idioms + Vocabulary + KEY

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Other ways to say...

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Can - presente: puedo/puedes/puede/podemos/podéis/pueden Could - puede ser tanto: Conditional: podría/podrías/podría/podríamos/podríais/podrían - una forma para todos o Indefinido pude/pudiste/pudo/pudimos/pudisteis/pudieramos - una forma para todos

Can - Could - English Grammar