Recetas Mierdaeuristas

Recetas Mierdaeuristas

¡¡Por mis fogones, que somos pobres pero comeremos de puta madre!!...¡¡Con 2 huevos, cojamos la sartén por el mango!!
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#11 The STEAMPUNK ENGINEER- reports confirm these cats have aided in the construction of extensive tunnel systems off the London Underground. February 25 launched their first steam engine test run. Their true plans for the system have yet to be determined, but they are being closely watched for suspicious behavior. Trying to find the artist..

Beer Can Chicken - Delicious flavor from all the spices and the steam from the beer creates an unbelievable juicy, tender and delicious chicken.

Realistic Pictures Of the Meal by Artist Tjalf Sparnaay (11 Photos)

"McIntosh" - Pamela Blaies

Red Grape Reflections by Toni Grote....

Wonderful watercolor---corn-leaves

Tomatoes-how this brings back memories of picking tomotoes with my dad when young & taking them to market...

Debbie Becks Cooper.

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