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Tattoos tell the tales of lives. Many cannot read the words, but they can read the skin.

Full Tribal Sleeve When i make 1000 a month for two months i'll start shoulder and chest. Every 1500/month residually after will be an other segment down the arm . reward with profit! :)

Polynesian design half-sleeve.

Tribal Tattoos For Guys Design

Tatau, Tattoo, Men, Chest, upper arm, Marquesas Click here to access over 10,000 tattoo designs. Free E-book just for looking.

I don't really like tattoos...but when i saw this one it pulled me in...i strangely like it. Richard Batey Tattoos - Immortal Art Studio, Carlisle

I don't know why, but I want a tribal tattoo so bad!

stunning Polynesian tattoo

Custom Polynesian Tattoo’s by Sini at Art and Soul Plymouth

I personally don't really like polinesian tattoo, but i have to admit that this is an amazing art work!