Super Hero Party
Super Hero Birthday Party
Super easy Superhero Cape Tutorial    Today's idea is an EASY (and cheap!) almost no-sew (just one easy seam) Superhero Cape. You could make a bunch of these as gifts for friends or party-favors in an hour.    The inspiration for this tutorial came at the beginning of November. My 6-yr-old came home from school saying he needed a cape for "Superhero Day" at school.  Because he puts up with me sewing all kinds of other "un-useful" things I figured I owed it to him to at lea
Photo booth
Avenger's Birthday Party
Avengers Birthday Banner
Look Like a Superhero
The Avengers Capt. America Party: Lollipops
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Superhero birthday party... im planning to get leila obsessed with superheroes somehow by next year so we can do a fun girl superhero party hahaha. im gonna need daddy's help!
Bayli is on a superhero kick lately. This would be good for "Flashlight Bayli" . Easy to make :) and Cheap
Great idea for a superhero birthday party =o)
block skyline
Birthday Banner; super hero themed
Party Food  The party food was clever and very five year old boy friendly. The kids enjoyed Wonder Dogs (homemade corn dogs), Jello Jabs (portioned jello), Power Puffs (cheese puffs) and Superade (Gatorade). I loved how she used the red, yellow and blue color theme throughout the party from the capes to the balloons to the food.
Super Hero Party
Big Bang Theory Party, comic book decorations
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