I'm a barista at Starbucks, and sometimes I really do think you're cute and I want to flirt back, but you have no idea how crazy it gets behind that counter.
#Gublernation He looks so hot!! :D
Woogity woogity ROCKET POWER!
I'm a barista at Starbucks and I love when people try to tell me how to make their drink like I don't already know :)
I love working at Starbucks, I just hate how some customers treat me
I love working at Starbucks, I just hate how some customers treat me
The longer I work at Starbucks the more I realize how much I hate everyone **This is so me!!**
I'm a starbucks barista and usually don't charge people for extra syrup pumps or espresso unless you're rude
Λ Λ L I Y Λ H 13 YEARS 7/17/14 #AaliyahRedAlbum13Years RT

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Decorated Starbucks cup... I want to do this!
addict3d:    kraved:    My obsession    A White Chocolate Mocha sounds so fucking good right now.
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Starbucks coffee cup doodle
New Reusable Cups, Designed by Starbucks Baristas, Benefit Partners in Need | Starbucks Newsroom
Coffee knowledge. While I was a barista at Starbucks, we always had a coffee tasting activity among partners and sometimes we invited customers to join. We have to recognize these four characteristics, but before that there are four steps which are : smell the coffee, slurp, locate (in your tongue) and describe. =)
My design for the next Starbucks reusable cup! Repin and like my post on instagram (@Cassia Abeledo-Reece)! You da bomb
Coffee Beans: 5 Facts about our precious energy balls  #Coffee #ShermanFinancialGroup
NEW Starbucks Reusable Plastic 16 oz Cup w/ Design Summer 2015 Special Edition
Fairly accurate......
I just really like the last picture:
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He be like would you be mad if I did
I did it!!!! I'm actually thing upside doe and is really hard.<< as you can see I was typing upside down...