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50+ Alphabet Crafts For Kids
KELS CL 3.2 Toddler & Preschool There are several ways for children to learn the alphabet. This activity is just one of many great ways to help with letter recognition!
Take math outside with these awesome math activities!
HUGE list of alphabet activities for preschool and childcare settings.
Count & Sort Posting Box Maths Game (",)
Inteligencia emocional en el aula de infantil
AYUDA PARA MAESTROS: 15 películas sobre la inteligencia emocional que deberíamos ver
12 claves para fomentar el trabajo en equipo y la colaboración

Más ideas
cortometrajes para niños sobre valores y emociones
Infographic:  What students should be doing in elementary, middle, and high school via the 8 mathematical practices.
Corkboard Connections: math problem solving-by Laura Candler-How to Recharge Mathematical Thinking...What can we do to help our students overcome their word problem phobias? One strategy that worked for me was to give my students opportunities to talk over how they planned to solve word problems before I let them pick up their pencils to work on them.
ABC Match up. I did this today, but first taught it whole group. Laid out about 12 letters on our area rug and each child closed their eyes and took turns picking out a letter from the letter tub. Then I was able to put this activity in a center and they loved it!
Tons of ideas for making math fun, hands-on, and practical in the elementary grades!
Educació Infantil Brimar: BINGO DE TARDOR
AYUDA PARA MAESTROS: 50 cortos geniales para trabajar los valores
Here are some of the best resources aligned with the Common Core for math high school teachers.
Math YouTube channels and videos don't have to be boring! These educational videos are a fun way for kids to learn about mathematical concepts.