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an alley way with stone steps leading up to some buildings and plants on either side
Die schönsten Orte in Großbritannien - Sie müssen diese sehen, #britannien #diese #mussen #schonsten #sehen
a woman walking down a path in an old village
Rick Steves: Englands niedliche und gemütliche Cotswolds, #cotswolds #englands #gemutliche #niedliche #steves
people are walking and riding bikes in front of an old building with black and white trim
Liberty London is one of London’s most famous department stores. The half-timbered facade is beautiful. Click through for more pictures on A Lady in London’s Instagram. #london #departmentstore
people are walking around in front of some buildings on a cobblestone street with green roofs
Walk in Soho, London - A Free Self-Guided Walking Tour of Soho
A pretty pub in Soho, London. This is a great area for a walk in London. Click through for more pictures on the A Lady in London blog. #walks #london #soho #pub
an old stone house in the middle of a field with flowers and trees around it
Arlington Row Bibury National Trust Cotswolds in Summer #arlingtonrow #cotswolds #england #summer #cottage
two people walking down a cobblestone road in an old village with thatched roofs
Shaftesbury, England
English country village of Shaftesbury
an aerial view of the streets in london, england with people walking and riding bikes
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