Manuel Torre Incera
Manuel Torre Incera
Manuel Torre Incera

Manuel Torre Incera

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Card game illustrations from Yu Cheng Hong

Ángel vengador ~ Desterrado por asesinar humanos

"Reptilian Princess". Muñeco de Virginie Ropars. #arte #escultura

On the fictional world of Aeld, I have an army of characters known as "Fey." I imagine that this wide-eyed beauty would be the perfect Dryad or "Tree Fairy". (Characters from Guardians of Aeld, a YA Fantasy Fiction series by Adrienne deWolfe)

Shaiya tanto la foto Shaiya.jpg

Hot Digital Portraits by RGUS

Elder Scrolls Online

This game.... Me: awsome a new elder scrolls game, My Friends: Lets make a guild in Daggerfall Covenant it will be fun, entered cyrodiil and met 1000 Ebonheart Pact pricks that wanted to play skyrim on multiplayer and then came the summer of 2015 also known as constant death and Rage Quits

Dorian Cleavenger