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Здравствуй, дождливое осеннее утро, улыбнуться тебе можно только после чашки крепкого кофе или горячего шоколада, а лучше – и того, ...

Low nail : la manucure multicolore avec ongle pailleté

1,3, 6 8, 9 as inspiration

Time to get mine done again so I'll stop picking sores around my fingers... This is super cute!!

great fall color!! opi - ginger bells

Orange Nails with White Accent Applying the Orange Strokes with a Striper - Add in some glitter, or dots, or pretty much what you would like.

Lovely brunette hair color for fall

There are many different designs and nails that can only create simply with different Nail Polish colors. It always depend from our imagination.

awesome nail art designs for women 2015