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a drawing of an ammonet shell with its parts labeled in the top right corner
How should I start drawing in a sketchbook?
a library of artists'sketchbooks is featured on the cover of an article about art
Digital Library
A library of artists' sketchbooks.
a person holding up an open book in front of a body of water with trees on the shore
Astonishing Foldable Landscapes of Lilla Schuch
someone is holding up an open book with water and boats in the lake behind them
I Draw Places That I Visit In My Sketchbook
a person holding up an open book with water and mountains in the background on a cloudy day
Watercolour Paintings Mixed with Water at Destination by Hannah Jesus Koh - Homeli
an open book with water and birds on it
Clinton Beach Day
Nothing gives me greater joy than a beautiful day with good friends making art. Today gave me great joy, and a sunburn! Photos of the day at on my photostream.
a drawing of different types of food and places to eat in the country, including peaches, pineapples, whiteville, new jersey, oak island
Road Trip Sketches - Leslie Fehling - Everyday Artist
When I taught my Maine workshop a few weeks ago, I had to do all the driving to Maine and back - 16 hours each way. I generally don't enjoy ...