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How to afford a designer watch that doesn't suck

If you want a designer watch but have limited budget, this could be an option
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I was just wondering, am I alone? Does anyone else agree me me on this subject?

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Shopping for a luxury watch online can be scary. Do you homework and check out my list of possible stores.

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Customizable natural wood watches! Are you serious?! Can the #Kickstarter project really work?

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Do you know another wood watch that fits in at a night club as it does a garden party?

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I am convinced the larger design of the solid wood watch from garwood embraces teh medium making #wooden watches the most #affordableluxurywatches

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I have had a change on mind about designer wood watches. Do you agree with me, these Garwood watches embrace their material limitation and form follows fuction, building from solid wood.

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Is it my imagination but do these designer wood watch release us from our obsesion with bling?

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If you're serious about buying a watch with a $100 budget, be realistic and don't buy any junk. Just follow the simple rules.

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Have you ever considered a designer wood watch. Checkout this special addition #Davante Adams, Garwwod One7 Special Edition. Can you break away from the norm?

Designer Wood Watch - Designer Wood Watches