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rodillo de pintura con plantilla: cortar trozos de espuma pegajosa-back en las formas que quiera, unalos a un rollo de TP, luego desliceló en un rollo de papel de regalo - stencil paint roller cut out pieces of sticky-back foam in the shapes she wanted, attached them to a TP roll, then slid in a wrapping paper roll to get the actual paint roller action.

schaeresteipapier: Weihnachten - Viel Spass beim Basteln und Backen

This natural wood hand roller is deeply carved and makes a beautiful imprint on clay or polymer clay (or on PMC). It is 10cm long (4 inches), and 1.5cm in diameter (1/2 inch plus). It is not laser carved, and all the carving is done with a bevel so that the design releases easily from the clay. The wood is finished with teng oil to create a long lasting very high quality hand tool. The roller can be rolled by hand over the surface of a clay slab, or rolled up the wall of a thrown pot to…

Dibuje su patrón sobre el rodillo. Es más fácil encontrar la clave antes con un…

Herramientas para hacer unas lindas texturas ✿⊱╮

pottery blog: emily murphy

Single stroke pottery design By : ( @tom_kemp_ ) #creative_instaarts

Single stroke pottery design By : ( @tom_kemp_ ) #creative_instaarts

Sello de goma hecho a mano del grunge

Not sure what these would be like to clean but they sure look cute and nifty! 5 ANY pattern Rolling Pin SET. Lazer engraved embossing rolling pins for embossed cookies. Choose your patterns! Gift for birthday.