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de 1826 A.D.

Regletas Cuisenaire: relacionando valores con números

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Regletas Cuisenaire: relacionando valores con números

MATERIALES - Matemáticas con las regletas cuisenaire. Fichas para adquirir los conceptos matemáticos básicos apoyados de las regletas cuisenaire.

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fiches réglettes Cuisenaire - MadamAbine

les reglettes cuisenaire - madrassatoun

les reglettes cuisenaire - madrassatoun

Cuisenaire Rod games and ideas. Some I already use, some are new, all are great!

Playing with Cuisenaire Rods | Unschooling Conversations

replica- Team 1 roll dice, take that many pieces of one colour and make pattern. Team2 replicates pattern on their side of the symmetry line. Team 2Player rolls dice and makes pattern on their side for team1 to copy. Can make new structure or… add onto existing by using a different colour

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Regletas | la luz de mi clase

number bonds to 10 - Cuisenaire rods , Write fractions to show what color each part is.

Number Bonds to 10 - Child-Led Chaos

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