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...and before I hear any drivel about premed...Premed is a life sciences and chemistry heavy PATH to medical school...and while you do have to have a stellar GPA to qualify, I never said it made me a doctor. -but I might as well be- ;-)

The "I'm About To Take Blood For The First Time" face:

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Medical Lab. Technician

What a low blood sugar feels like? What are the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar? #diabetes

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Alegent Lakeside Clinic in Omaha, Ne. Exam Room. http://www.kurtjohnsonphotography.com/

Operating Room Team: Surgeon, Assistant surgeon, Anaesthetist, Anaesthetic nurse, Scrub nurse, Circulating nurse & Theatre technician

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Pallet Wood Fold-Out Desk by Workman's Palette When it's folded up, a chalkboard-painted portion is displayed for jotting down notes and important reminders