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6 Favorite features of Magic Lantern - Custom firmware for your Canon DSLR

How good is RAW video? (Canon 5D mark ii)

Magic Lantern Raw Video Canon 5d mark II Low Light

Canon 5D mark 2 RAW video / Super 16mm Kodak Vision2

My Magic Lantern 5Dmk3 hack review Ok, so i put the ML RAW hack on my mk3 yesterday, yes, it’s still alive and kicking. Went down to a local lake and shot some random stuff handheld. My footage is somewhat very underexposed and I dont know where I went wrong, but the finished footage somewhat left me underwhelmed. The workflow was arduous, partly because I was faffing about in the dark at the start, but i think it gets better once you know what you are doing. Shooting RAW isn’t for ev...

Synopsis: Like his Spartan predecessor, the Essence Man leaves no room for error neither compromise on the battleground. He awakes early in the day, focused and contemplates the battle at hand. He searches his armoury for the most suitable tools and weaponry that will give him a competitive advantage over his opponent in the heat of battle. He is also aware that the battle isn't only won with physical strength but more so with a sound mind. He prepares mentally and strategies. When the ...

Lightroom to After effects tutorial workflow now up This is not a scientific test (Pls download original for best quality) I am really really loving my 5D camera now Settings H.264: 1920x1080 (added black bars in post) ML RAW: 1920x872 ML RAW x3 crop: 2048 x 930 Shot with : Canon 5D Mk3 Canon 24mm 1.4 Canon 70-200mm 2.8 Komputerbay 64gb 1000x Post in: RAWMagic Adobe Lightroom (for basic color correction) Adobe after effects(for ex...


Canon 5D mark III Magic Lantern RAW test

QATAR / RAW Magic Lantern Canon 5D mk iii