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an advertisement for borsaanoo with a hat on the front and logo above it
simple dreams...
Max Huber for Borsalino, 1940s
an advertisement for bata shoes is shown
Vintage Advertising Posters | Shoes
an advertisement for bally chaussures de sport with three men sitting on a rock
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footwear sports EMIL CARDINAUX switzerland 1928 VINTAGE poster RARE NEW 24X36
an advertisement for borsalingo with a man wearing a white robe and hat
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Borsalino Hats Advertising Campaign #MarcelloDudovich (1878-1932)
a woman holding an umbrella in her hand and wearing a black dress with red flowers on it
New fashions (1937)
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a painting of a man in a suit sitting on a bench
Advertisement for PKZ Clothing
Another empty suit. Advertisement for PKZ clothing. A suit with a PKZ label, for Paul Kehl clothing in Zürich, sits on a bench. Vintage Swiss ad, circa 1930s. Illustrated by Charles Kuhn.
two women in swimsuits are posing for the camera with their arms around each other
Vintage Advertising Posters | Swimsuits
an image of two women running on the beach with text that reads, sandalette bally
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Bally Vintage Sandalettes Print by charlieandparker
an old advertisement for men's socks with a man in top hat and coat
interwoven white tie | James Blah
Vintage ad interwoven socks