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a snowy path in the woods with trees on both sides and a dog running through it
forrest deer
a woman standing outside in the snow reading a book
Posted by @maviecottage Ana March: Before the winter came to the mountains, i had prepared my home and workspace to face the coldest season in the cosiest way. But I absolutely needed to see the first frost and snowflakes to capture the essence of this winter and to prepare then my creative digital helpers And today it’s with great joy that I announce you that my winter presets are ready Winter is generally considered as a less obvious time of the year due to the short days, cold, and gloomy weather, but in fact winter in itself hides even more warming moments than any other season - you just need to look for them carefully, to capture these wonderful instants and above all to create them yourself ️It is this philosophy that inspired me to create my new winter presets. They are called Contes d’Hiver what mans Winter Tales in French. Warm, cozy and very vintage - these presets have become to me proof that winter is not a reason to see the world in blue tones Cozy brown shadows, muted whites and calm winter colors act like a large knitted blanket, wrapping everything around and immersing photos in their own special atmosphere of an old winter.These are perhaps the most delicate, tender and cozy presets I've ever createdThey are literally like the first snow in the mountains or like the warmest childhood memories of winter, barely contrasting and volatile, they do not embellish reality, but only emphasize the beauty of winter and add some warmth to the places where leafs and flowers usually growMay this collection bring you a feeling of warmth and care, and most importantly, a delicate desire to create even in the coldest period of the year P.S. just a kind reminder for you, together with preset you’ll find an installation guide and some tips and tweaks how to make the presets work the best for you. Just a few minutes of reading it might help you a lot in your creative process And as always you’ll find inside a little gift with seasonal postal cards ️*the link is in bio*My warmest regards,Anastasia - Pixwox
a tree in front of a window covered in snow
Christmas - Winter
a candle is lit in front of a window
Be Wild & Wonder™
a snowy scene seen through an open window
Rubies + Honey
a snowy landscape with houses and trees in the foreground, on a foggy day
J Ha — mydearmilo: The houses.
a black bird sitting on top of a tree branch covered in frosted branches and leaves
Winter - Kromme Rijn, Amelisweerd, Rhijnauwen, Utrecht