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We want to be part of the future of the world. More sustainable. Today, sustainable #façades are one of the cornerstones of sustainable architecture and…
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an aerial view of a building with boats in the water and mountains in the background
Beyond Façades: Krion's Artistry in Sustainable Design
Immerse yourself in the world of Krion Porcelanosa Group as it crafts awe-inspiring, sustainable façades for the future. From adaptive facades that respond to their surroundings to energy-efficient marvels that reduce carbon footprints, discover how Krion's designs transcend traditional exteriors. Join us in exploring the harmony of form and function, where every façade tells a story of beauty, innovation, and a commitment to a sustainable planet.
a large swimming pool in the middle of a house with glass walls and doors on both sides
Sculpting Dreams: Krion's Sustainable Façade Alchemy
Uncover the alchemy behind Krion Porcelanosa Group's sculpting of dreams into reality through modern and sustainable facades. Enter a world where innovation and sustainability intertwine to create architectural wonders. Explore the transformative journey from raw materials to magnificent façades that stand as testaments to human ingenuity.
an apartment building with balconies and plants on the balcony
Beyond Façades: Krion's Artistry in Sustainable Design
Immerse yourself in the colourful spectrum of Krion Porcelanosa Group's sustainable façades, where creativity meets sustainability. Discover the palette of options Krion offers, from vibrant hues to minimalist shades, all crafted with an eco-friendly ethos. Join us in celebrating a world where every façade tells a unique and colourful story of sustainability.
a large white building sitting on the side of a river next to a tall building
Designing Tomorrow: Krion's Visionary Façade Solutions
Embark on a journey into the future of design with Krion, where façades harmonize innovation and style. From intelligent facades that adapt to climatic conditions to facades that interact with their occupants, explore the forefront of design evolution. Join us as we unveil the blueprints of tomorrow's exteriors, where sustainability isn't just a feature – it's a way of designing spaces that inspire generations to come.
the building is very large and has many windows on each side, as well as round balconies
Eco-Chic Façades: Krion's Aesthetic Sustainability
Discover the synergy of eco-consciousness and chic design in Krion revolutionary sustainable facades. Immerse yourself in the fusion of aesthetic elegance and environmental responsibility as Krion redefines façade aesthetics. Explore how every design choice is an eco-chic statement, from materials that stand up to the elements to energy-efficient solutions that make sustainability a lifestyle.
a large white house with blue pillows on the lawn and stairs leading up to it
Unveiling Krion Magic: Crafting Tomorrow's Façades
Delve into the enchanting realm of Krion Porcelanosa Group and discover how it's conjuring sustainable facades of tomorrow. Uncover the magic behind Krion's signature material, a blend of natural minerals and high-performance resins that redefine the possibilities of façade design. From stunning residential facades that bring homes to life to commercial structures that captivate with their elegance, witness how Krion's innovations are shaping the architectural landscape.
a white building with many windows and lights on it
Revolutionizing Exteriors: Krion's Sustainable Elegance
Explore how Krion Porcelanosa Group is reshaping architectural landscapes with its sustainable and elegant façade solutions. Discover the innovative techniques and forward-thinking design principles that have positioned Krion as a leader in eco-friendly exteriors. . Embark on a journey through the eco-chic revolution, where facades aren't just surfaces, but statements of a greener future.
an empty swimming pool in front of a modern house
Elevate & Sustain: Krion's Paradigm-Shifting Facades
Elevate your architectural aspirations while sustaining the planet with Krion Porcelanosa Group's game-changing façade artistry. Embark on a journey that defies conventional design, where aesthetics and sustainability converge. From reimagining traditional materials to creating visually stunning facades that reduce environmental impact, witness how Krion's innovations raise the bar.
Exterior de casa moderno con KRION
Fachadas de casas modernas con KRION
fachadas de casas modernas con KRION® PORCELANOSA
House exterior with Krion™ Lux ventilated façades
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Ideas de fachadas ventiladas con KRION® | Ventajas de estos sistemas
La fachada ventilada es el sistema constructivo que, año tras año, se ha ido consolidando con gran aceptación entre arquitectos y constructores, ya que se trata de un sistema de construcción eficiente, seguro y sostenible para el cerramiento de edificios.
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What is a ventilated façade? Ideas and inspiration ✨
If you want to improve a home's façade, you could install cladding inspired by natural materials or a ventilated ceramic façade.