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there are many vases with plants in them
. . 久しぶりの雨に満腹感を見せるグラキリス。 こいつらも喋れれば良いのに... . . #パキポディウム #グラキリス #Pachypodium#gracilius #cactus#caudex#succulent#plants#コーデックス#多肉植物#塊根#グラキリスファミリー
two small green plants in a brown pot
No se que eres ni como te llamas pero te encontrare y te plantaré
a close up of a plant in a pot
Albuca concordiana - a photo on Flickriver
wishlist: Albuca concordiana
a flower with the words, did you know? gray dippleia becomes transparent when it is touched by water
Diphylleria Grayi--otherwise known as the Skeleton Flower is the stuff of fairy tails. Their petals turn clear when they get wet!
a small potted plant with green leaves on it's top and two smaller plants in the middle -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspspecks exotica Resources and Information.
Dorstenia spec. Family: Moraceae
small carrots with green sprouts growing out of them
Monilaria obconica, whimsical bunny shaped succulent plant