Women in the Spanish revolution - Solidarity.  "In their magnum opus The Revolution and the Civil War in Spain ...,Pierre Brow and Emile Témime state that the participation of women...was massive and general, and take this as an index of how deep the revolution went."

Mujeres de la Guerra Civil española, dieron un ejemplo en la defensa de la Libertad.Women of the Spanish Civil War, gave an example in the defense of Liberty.

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El cartel se convirtió en una herramienta imprescindible durante los años de guerra, este medio fue la manera más efectiva de comunicación con el pueblo.

Young militia-woman in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Marina Ginesta guarding Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War, republicana en la Guerra Civil española.

Mujeres Libres. Anarchist Spanish Civil War. Shining idealism and brutal squalor.

Barcelona, Miliciana anarquista alzando una bandera de la CNT-FAI en la Rambla.

Gerda Taro (1910–1937) was a pioneering photojournalist whose brief career consisted almost exclusively of dramatic photographs from the front lines of the Spanish Civil War. Her photographs were widely reproduced in the French leftist press, and incorporated the dynamic camera angles of New Vision photographyas well as a physical and emotional closeness to her subject. Taro worked alongside Robert Capa, who was her photographic as well as romantic partner, and the two collaborated closely.

Tragic story of Gerda Taro brought to life in new book

Fotógrafo de guerra Gerda Taro y el compañero y socio profesional del fotógrafo Robert Capa. Taro es considerado como el primera mujer fotoperiodista para cubrir los frentes de una guerra y a morir al hacerlo.

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