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the interior of a church with high vaulted ceilings
St James Church - kostel Sv. Jakuba Vetsiho
St James Church - Prague Old Town
flowers in front of a large building with a steeple on the top and sky above
All things Europe
Southwark Cathedral - London
the interior of a church with paintings on the walls
Vienna-St. Charles Church I by pingallery on DeviantArt
St. Charles Church, Vienna
the inside of a church with ornate decorations
Travel Photographer Ken Kaminesky's Portfolio
Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal | Ken Kaminesky
an ornate building with many domes on it's sides next to the water in front of a cloudy sky
Iglesia El Salvador. San Petersburgo
an ornate ceiling in the middle of a building with many circular lights on each side
Spanish Synagogue, Prague, Czech Republic - stunning!
the domes and spires of st basil cathedral in red square, moscow, russia
"St. Basil's Christian Cathedral In Winter Snow, Red Square, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Moscow, Russia, Europe" by Stocksy Contributor "Gavin Hellier"
St. Basil's Christian cathedral in winter snow, Red Square, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Moscow, Russia, by Gavin Hellier
an ornate building with many windows and green roofing on the top, under a cloudy blue sky
Красивые Храмы, Соборы! Православие! — Блог Три и ночка
Красивые Храмы, Соборы! Православие!
two tall red and white buildings sitting next to each other on top of a hill
Nizhniy Novgorod city, Russia
the inside of a church with many paintings on it
Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Facts
St. Volodymyr's Cathedral, Kyiv, Ukraine
an image of the inside of a church with words written in different languages on it
Arquitectura De Salud
Arquitetura e Decoração ============================= profgasparetto / eagasparetto / Dom Gaspar I ================================== ==================================
an old stone building with arched arches and sun shining through the windows on one side
Monasterio de Piedra by Juan Carlos Calero / 500px
El Monasterio de Piedra (Comunidad de Calatayud, Zaragoza, Aragón, España), fue fundado en 1194 por trece monjes cistercienses venidos del Monasterio de Poblet, en el antiguo castillo de Piedra Vieja y junto al Río Piedra. Fue dedicado a Santa María de la Blanca y se catalogó como Monumento Nacional el 16 de febrero de 1983. El lugar en el que se ubica el inmueble fue declarado como Sitio Histórico el 28 de diciembre de 1945. ------------------------- Nota para los Administradores: No me mole...
people are walking around in the snow near an ornate building with gold and blue domes
Сергиев Посад
Sergiev Posad in winter
the front and back sides of a cathedral at night with text overlaying it that reads, t & g
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Cologne Cathedral, Germany