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John Maeda a Japanese-American designer born 1966 a designer who has worked with many companies like New York Times etc aside from graphic designer he is also an author, a computer scientist, and an academic. he was also the president of Rhode island school of design. he likes to fuse computer programming with design to create different pieces of work and has won awards like National design award for communication design in united states
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John Maeda Morisawa 10 Poster 1996. In this poster john meada uses font to create this fountain like look, like a gaiser it's pretty cool. he also uses the same characters over and over again with perspective to make the design.


John Maeda. Morisawa 10 Poster (1996)

Reebok shoe designed by john maeda has multiple colors but the sharp design gives of this computerized kind of style im sure the colors represent something im not fully sure what though


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John Maeda New York times Key magazine cover John maeda taps into New york life woth this magazine cover a nice faded blue that helps the black key stand out while the font is white. it's a very simple set up till you get to the key which catches all your attention while at the same time giving you the names of all these streets and ave from New York.

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John Maeda

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Japanese Poster: Morisawa. John Maeda. 2012 - Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design

Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design

poster for John Maeda, MIT Media Lab Aesthetic + Computation Group by Reed Kram (1998)

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John Maeda using characters to create a crazy hourglass looking design by combining fonts with perspective. at the same time it gives off this tech kind of feeling something perfectly calculated

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John Maeda the 10 Morisawa Posters he uses uses a white background to help the black font on the characters stick out and it helps create this illusion im not sure why but he uses the same character over and over again but the perspective can trick you into believing they're different

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