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According to legend, older elephants intuitively lead themselves to an elephant's graveyard when they sense they are near death. One of our 10 Great Urban Myths:

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urban legends and myths | Urban_Legends_and_Folklore_3.jpg

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College Urban Legends

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Describes scary urban legends, including The Vanishing Hitchhiker and The Babysitter on the Phone.

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Scary Urban Legends | Bill Cain Online - Scariest Urban Legends Countdown: #7 – The ...

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urban legends and myths | ... Leadsled :: Illustration: Scholastic Books :: Urban Legends & Myths

An urban legend in Barcelona says that those who drink from the fountain of "Canaletes" will always return.

If 27 Urban Legends Were True

If 27 Urban Legends Were True Slideshow |

I'm sharing my favorite urban legends on the Legion series Tumblr. Read about the Jersey Devil here. #unbreakable #thelegionseries #kamigarcia #YAbooks #supernatural #paranormal

Beware Razor Blades in Kids' Candy

Fact or urban legend: Beware Razor Blades in Kids’ Candy? Author Ken Jennings (Because I Said So!) disputes popular #Halloween safety lore