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a statue of a man with no shirt on standing in front of a dark background
ManSculpture Torso2 Juan Soto 2019
a statue that is standing in the air with it's back turned to the side
ManSculpture Torso 1 Juan Soto 2019
a sculpture of a man standing on top of a wooden table
ManSculpture Legs Juan Soto 2019
GasMask 2 Juan Soto 2019
GasMask 1 Juan Soto 2019
Man Sculpture Juan Soto 2019
three statues of people wearing gas masks
GasMasks Juan Soto 2019
a green and gray stuffed animal flying through the air with its legs spread wide open
an animal sculpture is laying down on the ground
an odd looking blue object with big eyes and hands on it's hipster legs