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Arte de la memoria y arte combinatoria

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Ramon Llull, el Ars Magna y la Informática

Esquema del Ars Magna

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Compendio de la mano rarissimum totius Artis ... magicae, Wellcome Library…

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Enochian Writing system Enochian script This article is about the reputed angelic language recorded in the journals of John Dee. For Dee's overall system of angel magic, see Enochian magic. For other examples of divine or angelic languages, see Divine language

Angelic Scripts Angelic Scripts from The Greater Key Of Solomon - Clavicula Salomonis

Nsibidi is an ancient system of graphic communication indigenous to the Ejagham peoples of southeastern Nigeria and southwestern Cameroon in the Cross River region. It is also used by neighboring Ibibio, Efik and Igbo peoples. Aesthetically compelling and encoded, nsibidi does not correspond to any one spoken language. It is an ideographic script whose symbols refer to abstract concepts, actions or things and whose use facilitates communication among peoples speaking different languages.

Cosmological emblem from Robert Fludd Utriusque cosmi historia, 1617.

magictransistor: Heinrich Khunrath, Amphitheatrum Sapientiae...

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"tablillas de cera" Roma museo - Buscar con Google