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Confederate Gen Richard Gano did not tolerate drunkenness or the use of foul language in his command. After a successful raid in Kentucky, a trooper became drunk, and whiskey was found in his canteen. Gano ordered all of his men to fall into line and for his officers to go down the line, smelling each man's canteen. Those found to have whiskey in their canteens were immediately ordered to pour it out. Later, many of the men recalled that a lot of Kentucky whiskey was wasted that day.

Civil war soldier's carried about 40 pounds while on the march. Canteen for water, haversack for food and knapsack for sleeping/personal items. Cap box, cartridge box, bayonet and musket or rifle were all for fighting.

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A dead confederate soldier in the trenches at Petersburg, VA

American Civil War Enlisted Uniforms - Great Coat Foot Men

Private Francis Brownell - Private Brownell is the soldier that killed James Jackson (the proprietor of the Marshall House) after Jackson killed Colonel Elmer Ellsworth for pulling down the large Confederate flag at the Marshall House. Original photographs from the Civil War

Capt. Charles Edwin Bulkeley (1835-1864)

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“Richmond, Va. Crippled locomotive, Richmond & Petersburg Railroad depot,” c. 1865 War brought destruction across the South. Governmental and private buildings, communication systems, the economy, and transportation infrastructure were all...

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