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a woman with blonde hair is flying through the air and wearing a red cape over her shoulders
30 ilustrações sensuais - Stanley Lau
30 ilustrações sensuais - Stanley Lau
an aerial view of a park with trees and flowers on the ground in front of a large building
vila do conde
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an aerial view of people playing in the park and on the lawn with their dogs
Green Roofs are Changing Architecture and Planning
New Heden in Gothenburg Sweden. Buildings that you can ride your bike on and a park all at the same time.
four different views of an open air park
11 Stunning Green Roofs So Cool They May Turn Rush Limbaugh Into a Tree Hugger
Nanyang Technological University School of Art and Design in Singapore -This incredible 5-story building that houses the school’s art department was created by the designers at CPG Consultants.
a house on top of a cliff in the middle of trees and mountains, with an outdoor dining area overlooking it
Canyon mexicano terá restaurante nas alturas com vista panorâmica e chão transparente | Blog da Arquitetura
Uma das principais tendências da arquitetura moderna mundial parece ser o…