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Sunset at BCN Airport - It seams not possible, but here it is: Hand held shoot, 300mm lens (no stabilization), 200 ISO, 1/200. Classic technology gear. Hasselblad H3DII 39 mpx.

Sunset at BCN Airport

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye

Kurdistan, the pure secred land. - The Turkish Kurdistan, remote as pure land, offers to the visitor unexpected landscapes views and always a warm welcome by the locals.

Kurdistan, the pure secred land.

Crispy Transparency, Norway - In norway light changes every second. Often driving when I see a light to make a shoot I stop my car, grab the camera, jump on the field, light is gone.... you just wait for a while, new light, photo, new light.... amazing!

Crispy Transparency, Norway

Fisherman village, Lofoten - Do to winter conditions in Norway, most of the time I did not use tripod. The process was, when i saw a nice spot, park the car, jump in the field, shoot and back inside the warm car. I can't imagine how hard must be for the fisherman working in this heavy conditions.

Fisherman village, Lofoten

Lofoten frozen paradise, Norway - Simple, 1/100 - f 5,6 - 50 iso. The rest it is done it by the mother nature.

Lofoten frozen paradise, Norway

Green gift from the Gods - South of Trømso,I was driving at night on my way to Nordkapp,suddenly the sky turn green. A gift from the sky again. Difficult to describe feelings and sensations. An art creation from the nature.

Green gift from the Gods

My Site's Live, Check It Out

My Site's Live, Check It Out

Spiritual Meteora, Greece - Traveling in Greece i stop for a week in Meteora, it was springtime, light was very spectacular and no tourist around. I coukd easaly spend a month.

Spiritual Meteora, Greece

Night food kiosk at the Acropolis - Walking at nights in the acropolis surroundings i find this man celling roasted chestnuts. Hard time for the Athens society. Great country with an ending history.

Night food kiosk at the Acropolis