Manuel Gómez Tola

Manuel Gómez Tola

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Shipwreck, The Red Sea

1969 Ford Bronco

1965 Mercer Cobra Roadster

Grand Central Station, New York 1941

Cuttlefish Bottle Opener. Design by Bathsheba on shapeways.

Winstanley Hall, in Wigan, Manchester, England.Built in the 1560's,the hall had been kept in good condition until the 1960s when habitation stopped. As the building decayed and the cost of maintaining Winstanley Hall was too much for the family it was sold. It was intended to develop the hall into private flats, however refurbishment was held up due to Wigan council withholding planning permission.The interior is now in disrepair. ( a little creepy.)

The faces of Darth Vader.

SURF & TURF Kinfolk

Dave DeBusschere Scores, '68.