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the interior of a store with shelves and vases
Melissa Peters - Alicia Xiberras Interiors
This dreamy medi-spa has been designed to perfectly reflect the Melissa Peters brand, emitting a sense of serenity into each and every detail. #medispadesign #medispainterior #naturalinteriordesign #naturalinterioraesthetic #productdisplay #productdisplaydesign #archdisplay #commercialinteriorideas #saloninteriorideas #saloninteriordesign #interiordesignaestethic
a white table topped with lots of shelves filled with different types of items on top of it
Store and Events
Explore our San Clemente workshop and showroom for in person shopping, permanent jewelry by appointment, and exclusive community events. We offer hundreds of ready-made products, permanent and customizable jewelry on site, and a team of stylists to help curate your look in our very own studio. The best part? All of our
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Blue Metallic Brick Wall Mural Wallpaper M9533
Blue Metallic Brick Wall M9533 – Walls Republic US