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Yo soy lobo de la noche y tu eres la caperuza de mi juegos carnales. Eres la divinidad que hace que mi sexo tenga múltiples órgasmos, Eres la copia fiel del pecado más perturbado de mi mente. Eres tú caperusita señora de feroz


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S4 League by Wiki234 on DeviantArt

S4 League

Una pisca de vida ,eso eres en el universo

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Deemo Night Reflection Mirror

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Jazmin Ccasane Vargas

this is the cleanest looking thing ive done in years

You and your scribbled paper makes me shiver so

de Kotaku

When Your Default Look Is "Glum"

Alexis Rives is a young French artist just starting out in the video game business.

When Your Default Look Is "Glum"

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Demon summoning

Chica cósmica <3


En la concepción de Cameron Stewart.

mundanal consumo

“As for my personal work, I create the illustrations in order to work as part of a small conversation and use them to express something I can’t find the right words for. After more than a decade of condensing big amounts of text into single images on a daily basis, I find using visual communication as normal as any other language. We can say things through music, words and actions. I’m one of those who like to say it using figures and colors.” Chiara Bautista

New! The Narrative Illustrations of Chiara Bautista aka Milk (pt. 2)