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Rita Cifuentes

We are very happy to welcome Home Economist Rita Cifuentes to our blog. Rita will be sharing with us beautiful posts as this first one we present you and also great recipes with jamón every week.
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When the holidays have come to an end in most countries, Spain Christmas is filled again with magic on the night of January the 5th.

Nature provides us with what we need for a healthy diet, so it is no coincidence that each fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, herbs or seeds have a color based on its nutrients.

Despite the rush of the modern world, it is necessary to find moments to share with our partner. Although it sounds like a topic, we should not miss days like "Valentine" without doing something special.

Soup and Sandwich, winter binomial

ngredients for 4 people 250g of lentils 1 carrot Half an onion 1 clove garlic Half fennel bulb Half tomato 1 laurel leaf A pinch of thyme 50g of ham Salt and pepper Extra virgin olive oil Half TSP sweet cayenne 1 TSP flour For the garnish 70g of Iberian Ham cut in strips

Icon of the Mediterranean diet, the orange is the star of the Spanish garden. Originally from China, it was introduced in the Iberian Peninsula by the Arabs. Spain is not the country that produces the most oranges, but it is the one with the richest and most beautiful coloring ones.

Spaghetti with Ham Saute Ingredients for 4 people 350 g of spaghetti 200g of red onions (2 onions) 100g Iberian Ham Half bundle of garlic (garlic sprouts) Guindilla (optional) 25ml of wine 50ml broth Sweet basil leaves Extra virgin oil Salt and pepper

Coinciding with the last week of Advent, Spanish households look forward to the arrival of Christmas baskets, a tradition originated in ancient Rome where employers gave away food baskets to their customers.

Ingredients for 4 people 100g Iberian Ham100g zucchini, cut into thin strips50g pumpkin, cut in thin stripsPinch of tarragon200g canons30g of roasted cashew For the vinaigrette: 1 TSP mustard 1 TBSP grape juice2 TBSP wine vinegar 5 TBSP extra virgin oil Method Open the ham and remove it from their packaging for it to take temperature. Heat a pan with oil and saute zucchini and pumpkin. They should be al dente. Perfume it with tarragon and reserve. Wash the canons in cold water and drain them…