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March 1916. "Wanted" sign for Francisco "Pancho" Villa, Mexican revolutionary and bandit. Villa was eventually assassinated in Mexico by rival revolutionary army.

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Villa muy joven, en elegante traje de civil FOTO: Agencia /EL UNIVERSAL

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Si lo piensas mucho, lo complicas mucho

Kazakh beauty as Eagle Hunter. With unique, traditional twist of hair and jewelry.

Photo (NeoMexicanismos)

When performing a healing on someone the Curandera will often sweep the aura/energy field with sacred herbs and blow smoke on the individual....This can clear the negativity or entities that are causing the ailment.

Lmao!!! Pancho Villa calling out Los Gringos (White people). Pancho Villa was one of the most prominent Mexican Revolutionary generals.

Dios es simplemente perfecto