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a black and white logo with the letter d in it's center, on a dark background
Logofolio 2 - Trademarks
Logofolio - Trademarks on Behance
the words sleeping forest are in white on a green background
Logofolio // Hospitality & Entertainment
Logofolio // Hospitality & Entertainment on Behance
the number twenty nine on a purple background
Funky Icon Logo Design for Photographer | Retro Brand Mark Logo Design Inspiration
Lynette Ortiz is an Orlando-based editorial photographer taking funky pics for fearless creatives. We wanted to design a brand with a lot of energy — something that felt chic and editorial, but also cool, casual, and carefree. A brand that embraces trends but is influenced by the past and uses that influence to create something new. We wanted this brand to embody the vibe of a lava lamp – groovy, cool, attractive, moody, trendy but retro.
a collage of photos with the words, i bleed in slendin '
Cloud Nine | Bold, Modern Period Branding
Cloud Nine | Bold, Modern Period Branding on Behance
the website design for trio is shown in blue, green and purple
Bold Branding | Marketing Agency Branding | Fun & Vibrant Branding | Maevi Studio
a beer bottle with the words you saw your girlfriend on tinder written below it
La bière, le remède idéal contre les réseaux sociaux ?
an image of a website page with different font and colors
Magician Brand Archetype
The Magician // Brand Archetype. Magicians bring our wildest dreams to life. They are interested in new ways, solutions not yet imagined and products not yet built. They seem to make innovation look almost magical. // Find your Brand Archetype now at #branding #brandstrategy #coach #infographic #entrepreneur #medleythink via @medleythink