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Jade jewellery gift for health, life, love

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Jade jewellery is made from lucky jade - a multiple coloured gemstone thought to promote eternity, longevity, and energy when worn as a necklace , bracelet or bangle. But many also believe in the definition of Jade that says it attracts love.

Jade Shambala love bracelet - Jade gemstones in this Shambala bracelet (with a small love charm) can pass on your love and best wishes for good health

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Butterfly charm anklet with jade gemstones: A gift to celebrate new beginnings / a new start These colourful butterfly and jade gemstone charm anklets feature a pretty silver-coloured butterfly charm accompanied by a symbolic gemstone. The butterfly symbolises change and is therefore suitable for someone about to embark on a new venture Jade is believed to increase body strength, energy and longevity - being worshiped in times gone-by for its life-extending powers.

Jade jewellery set - with added hearts for extra love

Jade love charm bracelet - A love charm bracelet made of Jade and featuring two small hearts - with room for additional charms of choice

Black Agate Blue Jade Necklace - The combination of Jade (for good health, as well as love) and black Agate for protection, in this necklace, promises much and makes an ideal gift for someone you care about