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Heart, Lock and Key jewellery gift of love - presents from the heart

In popular culture, heart jewellery means love: It is symbolic of the spiritual, emotional, moral and intellectual core of a human being. As the heart was widely believed to be the seat of the human soul, the symbol of the heart was (and still is) poetically realted to the soul: A piece of stylised heart jewelry depicts LOVE - pure and simple So, in most cultures, heart jewellery means love, passion, commitment and . . longing
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Heart and key charm pendants on a sterling silver necklace - the key to your heart . . and your love?


The key to my heart? (Silver key and heart combined with a Rose Quartz gem - the Love stone)


Heart wish box necklace - This 'wish-box' on a sterling silver necklace is intended to carry your small message of love inside


Made with love - a gift from the heart

Gift from the heart

You won't find Heart Jewellery like this anywhere else! The glass vial contains pure water from the Holy Spring at Lourdes. Many believe that Lourdes water imparts a feeling of wholeness and calmness - even in bad times of illness and despair. And with this unique necklace, it is possible to share this belief with people you are close to

The gift of a Guardian Angel - with HEART, believed by many to protect the owner

Heart gift on Valentines Day - with the lucky symbol of the Indalo

Eternal Love necklace - with heart. It would make the perfect gift to tell a special friend or loved-one how much they will always mean to you, or to celebrate a special day for them, e.g. Christmas Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day, etc. Whatever the occasion, this is an inspirational present with real meaning.