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Charmstone jewellery healing and mysticism

Charm stone bracelets, charmstone necklaces and other jewellery is believed to have mystical or healing powers, and lucky charms like this are often gifted for special events or occasions to help people avoid bad luck.
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Almería, Andalucía - the home of the Indalo


Charm stones have holistic appeal - like this 'Dreams' design of the lucky Indalo of Almeria

Charmstones with Rainbow Warrior (Indalo) design in a presentation box

Charm ring with mystical powers - Send your message of Good Luck, Congratulations, or Love with one of these lucky Indalo charm rings: A totally unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. Features the symbol of the lucky Indalo, hand-painted in magenta, blue and gold onto a white Spanish marble charmstone. The Mystical Indalo is for people who are trying to find meaning and purpose in life through connections to the community, the natural world and to spiritual values such as compassion and…

Charm Necklace - RAINBOW WARRIOR

Indalo charmstone as a present - a jewellery present with meaning - Indalo charm stone pendant

Lucky Indalo charmstone on Indian Agate gemstone - The Indalo symbol of good luck and protection emphasises the meaning of this unusual jewellery set