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Aventurine jewellery lucky gift for heart and soul

Aventurine jewellery - a lucky gift for the heart and soul. Aventurine is for good luck and goal achievement and is sometimes called the Gambler's Stone. But Aventurine jewellery is also believed to reduce stress and anxiety and calm emotions, bringing about inner peace. It is a tonic for the soul and is thought to relieve emotional discomfort and stressful situations - and reinforce peoples' decision-making abilities, enhancing their leadership qualities, confidence, and creativity
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Aventurine Shambala friends bracelet - to wish a friend luck

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Aventurine Camino jewellery necklace ~ scallop shell . . a beautifully simple necklace to instil calm and confidence

Aventurine lucky charm bracelet with silver ladybird. . . an inspirational bracelet to help dreams come true. You could help friends and loved-ones de-stress from life's problems and strive for success with this pretty Aventurine lucky charm bracelet. Made of lustrous sea-green-coloured Aventurine chips interspersed with little metal flower beads, it features a sterling-silver lucky ladybird charm for added good fortune

Aventurine Pearl necklace - for luck and calmness

Aventurine lucky Ladybird necklace set - Double a friend's luck with lucky Aventurine and a silver lucky Ladybird charm in this jewellery-with-meaning set

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