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Silent book reviews of Halal love stories I’ve read:
Some books will make you smirk, some will tear you apart and others are for your own jugdement…I’m just glad we have more and halal romance alternatives
this halal love story will tear you apart, LITERALLY!
It left no breadcrumbs and gave me a glimpse of a country, I would have never taken the chance to get to know😭🫶🏿
This book got me all raged too✨
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Happy release day to Love from Mecca to Medina💙🧡 #lovefromatoz #lovefrommeccatomedina
a black and white photo with the words, el amor sempre seral jego mas complicado de tod ages, porque si fala
Lascivia (Disponible en librerías) - CAPÍTULO 35
an image of a man with white hair
Malas Intenciones - ☾Capítulo 44☽
the words in spanish are written on white paper
Háblame de amor... - Todo Bonito
Háblame de amor...