Streusel muffins

Indulge in the irresistible taste of streusel muffins with these delicious recipes. Start your day with a sweet treat or enjoy them as a satisfying snack. Try these mouthwatering ideas now!
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These Cinnamon Streusel Muffins are just like the classic coffee cake you know and love, just made into muffins! They’re made from soft, moist and fluffy vanilla muffins filled with a rich cinnamon swirl, topped with a quick and easy cinnamon and brown sugar crumble.

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Lately I've been on a baking kick which is actually really unusual for me. Not sure if it's the pregnancy talking as I'm still riding the high of my second trimester energy. Or if it's my unusual craving for sweets that's pushing me to bake more than normal.

Alexandria Aldinger
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Apple Cinnamon Crumb Muffins are the ultimate treat for apple season, boasting a delectable combination of fresh apples and warm cinnamon that makes them simply irresistible. With a moist texture, these fluffy muffins are sure

The Fourth Fauxliage
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These Blueberry Muffins taste just like you got them from a bakery – they are soft, buttery and moist. The cinnamon sugar streusel adds the perfect crunch and sweetness to these muffins. Make your own muffin liners to make them look like you got them straight from the bakery.

Melissa Brandt-Marion
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These fluffy Bakery Style Strawberry Muffins are filled with juicy strawberries and topped off with a sweet streusel crumb topping. Strawberry buttermilk muffins pair perfectly with a good cup of coffee or some oj for a quick breakfast bite. These easy strawberry muffins will quickly become your favorite fruit muffins.

Crystal Phillips
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Coffee cake muffins are moist and fluffy with a delicious buttery vanilla flavor. They have a layer of cinnamon sugar in the middle and crunchy cinnamon streusel on top that adds a delicious crunch.

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