Rainbow baby

Discover heartwarming stories and helpful resources for parents of rainbow babies. Embrace hope and find support on your journey to parenthood.
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Why I won't say "Rainbow Baby"

Why I will not be using the term “Rainbow Baby”If you haven’t already heard the news, I am pregnant! This is my first pregnancy after losing Henry and it comes with so many feelings. I wanted to take a moment and talk about expecting a child after loss and how I feel about the term “Rainbow Baby”. I hope you hear my heart. I have no judgments against others using the term, these are just my thoughts. I hope this offers a little window into pregnancy after a loss. A “rainbow baby” is a term…

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0 Emotional Rainbow Baby Announcements That Moved Us

After going through the devastation of a pregnancy loss, soon-to-be-parents share their emotional rainbow baby announcements.

Payton Birno
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‘NEVER, EVER GIVE UP.’: After 5 miscarriages, rainbow baby was ‘worth every second of the wait’

"Even now I can feel my heart ache as I remember each of my 5 miscarriages, angels I will never get to hold. You just learn to dance in the rain while waiting on that rainbow!"

Carlota Cabrera
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When I Lost You: A Journey Through Loss and Pregnancy After Loss

Another factor you consider in planning a pregnancy after loss is timing. And as I said, I wanted to become pregnant again almost immediately. The thought of a living, breathing child is a powerful motivator, and many families go on to get pregnant with the very next cycle.

Kandice Piette