La passacaglia quilt

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#La Passacaglia Quilt Along Begins

Willyne Hammerstein has created some breathtaking quilts in her book Millefiori Quilts. I thought it might be fun to do a Quilt Along of her La Passacaglia quilt. This post will contain links to obtain the book and materials so you can play along. Lilabelle Lane Paper has the book in stock, as well as pre-cut paper pieces for you to use. You can cut your own, there is a pattern in the book, but it can be time consuming and personally, I would rather spend that time sewing. To get…

Elaine Fitzpatrick
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La Passacaglia Quilt

Welcome to my dedicated page for my "La Passacaglia" English Paper Pieced Quilt. It will finish at 144 x 176cm I will put links here for the progress posts on my Blog for this project. Here is where I am up to at the moment. My starting Post can be found HERE. Part Two - First Big Rosette can be found HERE. "The Tula Pink La Passacaglia" - Third post HERE. "Still Holding my Attention" - Update HERE "La Passacaglia" - Week 5 Update HERE 3rd of the 4 Big Rosettes - Update HERE Growing some…

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La Passacaglia

Today's quilts include all the quilts I saw in the RMQM exhibit made from patterns by Willyne Hammerstein. Probably the most "famous" pattern of hers is La Passacaglia, which include all the quilts shown here except the second one. A couple of these ladies said this was their first attempt at English Paper Piecing. I'm not sure they could've picked a more difficult pattern! I have this book and the "papers" and have yet to start it. Some of the pieces are very tiny! I love all of these…

Shanna Ragan
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la passacaglia - Millefiori Quilts

This page is all about my la passacaglia quilt. Some very kind bloggers helped me out when I was considering making this quilt, so I'm putting some details here in case other people are interested in how I made my quilt. my finished quilt - 68" x 77" (173 cm x 196 cm) Jan 2016 before hand quilting I started my la passacaglia on 1 January 2015, with these fabrics. I wanted my quilt to look like the piece of Kaffe Fassett's Millefiori fabric in the photo below (top right). I think it's…

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La Passacaglia - Part Two

The Journey that is "La Passacaglia" continues. I think I am addicted to the journey of these blocks. They are already proving to have a mind of there own with a direction change thrown in here and there. This one started off here with this center. And this was my color pallet. Then some yellow jumped right in there and yes even a little Bonnie and Camille. Those binding clips come in handy too. Well worth the investment if you don't have any yet :o) As you can see above, those triangle…

Barbara Park
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La Passacaglia - A New Start

"La Passacaglia" I have been plotting a new start for some time now. See that quilt on the cover. It finishes at 144 x 176 cm and is all English Paper Pieced. There is a little quote on the inside of the cover. Just as well I am addicted to this project already because if I had read that before starting I might have been scared off! The lead time before I've started this project has been all about finding the right fabrics. Fabrics that have amazing fussy cutting possibilities. For quite…