Kayak Camping

Experience the thrill of kayak camping with our ultimate guide. Discover essential tips, must-have gear, and breathtaking destinations for an unforgettable adventure on the water.
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5 Worst Kayak Brands To Avoid - Kayak Help

Nothing is worse than investing in a new kayak that doesn’t perform how you hoped it would. Worse yet, you purchased a new kayak less than a year ago, and it’s already broken or warped. While we hope you’ve followed our recommendations for how to build a kayak storage shed, the reality is that certain ... Read more

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Hand Signals for Kayaking

How to Use Hand Signals Oftentimes a signal is used to direct paddlers to take a particular route from their viewing point towards the distant signaler. A few signals are more common among a particular group of paddlers such as the “Back Up” signal for surf landings, or the “walking finger” gesture that indicates a need to portage a portion of a waterway.

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Packing a Kayak for Camping

Pack Light If you've recently made the transition from car camping, you may wonder where in your kayak to stow the cast-iron Dutch oven, chaise lounge, and beer cooler. Size Matters You'll probably find it easier to use lots of smaller drybags instead of a few larger bags, to better adapt to the oddly-shaped interior of most kayaks. Heavy vinyl bags are alright for food, as they are more resistant to puncture and probably allow less bear-attracting odor to waft through the woods, but they…


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