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Robert Capa, one of the most famous war photographers of the 20th century.  In 1954, he died after stepping on a landmine while making a report for Life magazine in Thai-Binh, Indochina. Budapest, Humour, Hungarian Quotes, I Like Him, Funny Pictures With Captions, Budapest Hungary, My Heritage, Not Enough, Enough Is Enough

Robert Capa Exhibition in Daniel Blau Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Robert Capa from here. The above quote is not a quote from someone might even seem patronising and not only confident, but aggressive. However Robert Capa, who is among the most famous war photographers of the 20th century, was just saying what he really thought as a Hungarian. He was born in Budapest into a Hungarian Jewish family as Friedmann Endre. There are 2 theories regarding his alias name: Robert Capa, what he had become famous with. One theory is something that I have known…

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