Gravity falls episodes

Explore the best episodes of Gravity Falls and dive deeper into the mysteries of this beloved animated series. Join the adventure and uncover hidden secrets with these must-watch episodes.
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Life In Gravity Falls (dipper x reader) - Ep.7: Double Dipper

You're a girl who lives and works at the Mystery Shack after you're whole family mysteriously disappears and Stan Pines takes you under his wing. One summer, his niece and nephew come to stay. Along with the twins, you discover many mysteries, including ones regarding your family. Key: (y/n) Your Name (l/n) Last Name (s/t) Skin Tone (color) (h/l) Hair Length (h/c) Hair Color (f/c) Favorite Color (f/g) Favorite Gemstone (b/w) Black or White (s/g) Silver or Gold Ps: I don't own Gravity Falls…

Natalia Monarrez