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two glasses filled with lemonade sitting on top of a white table next to each other
Brazilian lemonade
A great drink for this summer. An so easy to make. It is a frothy lemonade you will love!
white hot chocolate in a glass mug with candy canes and christmas decorations around it
White hot chocolate
The classic hot chocolate, but white. A delicious hot drink. You have to try it!
the ultimate classic mojito recipe with limes and mint
Classic mojito
The ultimate mojito recipe. A fresh cocktail full of flavor! Our way!
the elderflower syrup has been served in two glasses with lime slices on them and is garnished with mint
Hugo cocktail
A sweet, citric and fresh drink that will become one of your favorites!
lemon, ginger and peppermint water in martini glasses
Lemon ginger and peppermint water
A fresh water that is easy to make and have at home that is full of flavor. A definite must try.
banana and mango smoothie in small glass cups with leaves around them on a white surface
Mango smoothie
A mango smoothie that is filling, velvety and tastes amazing!
two glasses filled with pineapple and white liquid
Virgin piña colada
A fresh and easy recipe to make virgin piña colada, the wat we love it!
lemonade is served in glasses on a marble platter
Lavender lemonade
An aromatic lemonade sweet, acid and full of flavor. The perfect drink for a hot summer afternoon.
mexican christmas punch recipe with apples and plums
Mexican christmas punch
A mexican fruit punch recipe that is great for chritsmas!
strawberry kiwi smoothie in a mason jar
Strawberry and kiwi smoothie
A fresh sweet drink, perfect for summer!