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Hiroyaa Nagasaki

Here you see the Pictures of Hiroyaa! On youtube you find me! Just type ,,Hiroyaa Nagasaki''! You can ask me for many things! Bye!
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My sweet Emala Jiss!


Cute Temmie (Undertale)! So I love Bob too, but i haven't got his picture... Sorry...

Yes! I'm Polish! This is my first picture of amazing game Undertale and my favourite POLISH YouTuber Eleven! Enjoy :333

In Youtube date was 2015! xD

I know it's late! But i want it! I want share it in Pinterest and Deviantart:

Princess Cadence and her Christmas Gift! Cadence got for Christmas game " The Pony 4 ". She is so happy!

My first picture! Blue, my OC from MLP. On the wing you can see a small cat Blaze from Sonic! This sweet is not it?